What to Mention (and Not to Mention) on the First Three Dates – Jessica Mazo O’Brien

The National Something

On the first date especially, but also on the few after, it’s important to be on your best behavior, to put your best self forward. Yes, you want to be yourself, but think: best version of yourself, not: you at your most emotionally honest. It’s not being dishonest, it’s just being smart. If all goes well and you begin to date regularly, you’ll have plenty of time to show them your ugly side, trust me! Being too comfortable and too raw right from the start is a red flag of emotional instability, lack of awareness, and lack of courtesy. However, I know It can be difficult to know what’s appropriate to bring up on the first handful of dates, and what’s not. So I have put together some guidelines to follow.

Definitely mention:

If you have ever been married

For most reasonable adults this should not be a deal…

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