Interview with VIKINGS actress Jessalyn Gilsig


Jessalyn Gilsig (left) and Graham Patrick Martin (right) in SOMEWHERE SLOW Jessalyn Gilsig (left) and Graham Patrick Martin (right) in SOMEWHERE SLOW

by Jessica Mazo

SOMEWHERE SLOW, written and directed by Jeremy O’Keefe, made it’s East Coast premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival on June 7, 2013, where it went on to win for Best Narrative Feature.  I was lucky enough to attend the screening, and interview Mr. O’Keefe, as well as both stars: Graham Patrick Martin and Jessalyn Gilsig.  I really enjoyed this beautifully shot, directed, and acted film. I recommend checking it out! Here is the synopsis (from the festival website): Intimate, raw and funny, SOMEWHERE SLOW features a searing and complex portrait of Anna Thompson, a 40 year old skin care rep, coasting through an unfulfilled marriage and an estranged relationship with her family…On her travels, she meets Travis, a teenage drifter on his own journey of self-discovery. Sparse and provocative, this film shines light on how sometimes…

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Child Actors


I have to admit I have a fascination with child actors. Not sure if it’s because I wanted to be one when I was a kid and my parents wouldn’t let me, or because they have the innocence of youth with the precociousness of professional experience. Either way, it is interesting how driven and self aware they are at such a young age. Below are some recent red carpet interviews we did with the child actors from the horror film A Cry from Within: Matt McCann, Sydney McCann, and James Sladkey.

Interviewer: Jessica Mazo, Videographer: Drew Moore, Editor: Tom O’Brien

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Interview with Tim Miller, Extreme Horror Author


Tim Miller Tim Miller

Tim Miller is an extreme horror author who is doing incredibly well for himself. He has self published a total of 18 books, has an active Amazon store, and his latest books Hacked and Lady Cannibal have both been at #2 on hot new releases in Horror and Crime/Kidnapping. Him and I connected several months ago on social media and became fast friends (sharing a love of everything horror), and I was lucky enough to get selected to appear on the cover of Hacked (my husband, Tom O’Brien, did the photography)! As a writer, he’s super prolific (he publishes a new novel every 4-6 weeks and tries to put out short stories in between)! Below, he answers my questions.Lady Cannibal

Hacked Cover

Did you always want to write horror?

When I was real young I wrote mostly adventure type stuff. But since I was in Junior High I always wanted…

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Interview with actor turned author Lisa Jakub, plus a mini review of her memoir


We talk to Lisa Jakub, former actor (she appeared in such films as Mrs. Doubtfire and Independence Day), now author, at Book Expo America 2015. Our interview with her is below! She wrote the memoir YOU LOOK LIKE THAT GIRL (Beaufort Books) about starting her successful acting career at the age of four, and making the difficult decision to retire from it at the age of 22.

I love memoirs, novels, films, and documentaries that show a behind-the-scenes look at careers in the arts, and YOU LOOK LIKE THAT GIRL was no exception.  I couldn’t put it down! I found it to be a very honest and straightforward account of what it was like for her to be a child actor, feeling like an outcast at times because of how much she missed school, and traveling the world with her mother working on different films. I found it refreshing how it wasn’t…

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John Gallagher’s The Networker


Do you get strong feelings of dread when you think about attending business networking events? Me too! The Networker, directed by John Gallagher and written by Victor Ribaudo, explores the highs and lows of attending all of those awkward networking events.

Samantha Scaffidi and Steve Stanulis, photo by Rich Buyer Samantha Scaffidi and Steve Stanulis, photo by Rich Buyer

From the film’s websiteJohn Mangano, a nice guy whose partying lifestyle has taken precedence over his business life, works in the family’s failing printing firm.  He is told by his irate father that he has three months to come up with a successful business plan, or the company will go bust and he’ll be out of a job.  At the advice of Nicole, a pretty woman who works at the firm, John turns to networking – a skill at which he is absolutely inept.  He begins to navigate a totally unknown world of frenetic networking meetings…

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Horror Film Director Jonathan A Moody Q&A


I can’t think of anyone more creative and resourceful than independent filmmakers, so we are starting an interview series with them. First up is Virginia based horror filmmaker Jonathan A Moody!

He was born and raised in Williamsburg, VA. He started to write scripts at the age of 13 and started acting at the same time. In 2009 he started Sick Flick Productions,  a horror and sci fi company, and finished his first feature film “Scary Story Slumber Party” in 2012. He’s done many shorts and acted in other peoples films including “Zombie Isle”, “Plan 9”, and “Bite School”. He is currently shooting his next project, “Echo Lake Massacre,” and he’s got a whole slate more coming up!


Q: Tell me about the projects you have going on now.

A: We are currently shooting “Echo Lake Massacre.”  We also are finishing up the original series “The Invited” planned…

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